Analytics - Measure real-time engagements

Analytical information is important for concluding how to tackle a specific condition/challenge, or to know how your product is performing. With right analytics, you can learn, improve and perform better.

Frontman provides out-of-the-box analytics to measure customer engagement as well as powerful goal tracking capabilities to keep businesses motivated to develop better conversational flows for their customers to interact with.

Incoming messages

Gives you information on the type of incoming messages to help you learn about if your customers prefer clicking buttons or typing free form messages. However, it has a dependency on the design of the conversational flow as well. The right balance between the button and free form input in the conversational flow can lead to a very interactive session for the customer.

Total users & Traffic stats

These charts help you learn about the type of visitor — new or returning visitor coming to your website as well as interacting with the Frontman.

User engagement

A. Most frequent user inputs — Tells you about most frequently typed free form user inputs so that business can check what customers are mostly typing and searching for. It is possible to train frontman to catch user utterances if they are not handled by frontman already

B. Most frequent clicked buttons — Tells you about most frequently clicked buttons so that business can ascertain what interactions are taking place between frontman and the customer.

C. Most frequent visited blocks — Gives you information on most frequently visited blocks so that business can track which block is more pivotal in dragging the conversation further.


A. Email notification — Businesses can notify themselves whenever a user completes certain flow and/or send leads to relevant individuals and/or teams.

Goal Tracker

Goal tracking allows businesses to track the progression of users from the beginning to the end of the flow if applied correctly. It provides a bird’s eye view to assess the performance of the conversational flow to improve conversion rates.

User stats

These metrics are computed fortnightly and suggest user engagement trends like the average number of sessions per user, average incoming messages per user, average incoming messages per hour per user, average incoming messages per day per user and average time spent per user.