Knowledge base : Dashboard Overview

The Knowledge base application offers hassle free way to setup and manage your business knowledge base as one stop shop for your customers to search their queries and find answers in the most aptful manner.

Managing Dashboard Tabs & Overview

On the overview page, you can get a snapshot of how your knowledge base is performing. Two different performance metrics are available

Search Performance

When you have a knowledge base installed for your account, this section will start populating in the dashboard with some useful metrics.

The Search Performance contains metrics for:

  • Total articles viewed
  • Average time spent on article
  • Percentage of users who performed a search
  • Percentage of users who viewed an article

Article Performance

This report contains metrics for: 

The Article performance report is where you can see the details for your Customer Satisfaction Ratings. 

This report contains metrics for: 

  • CSAT score (percentage of “Helpful + Little Help” ratings)
  • % of customers that left a rating
  • Ratings breakdown by Helpful, Little Helpful, and Not Helpful
  • Recently rated conversations


Manage all your categories and check their current status, add a new category or edit an existing one. Sort categories by A-Z or date last modified.


Manage all your articles and check their current status, add a new article, or edit an existing one. Sort articles by A-Z or date last modified.

Compose Article

Type your FAQ or detailed article from scratch or import from your website or blog using import article utility. In-link upto 3 other articles to enhance discovery of related articles. Check feedback of the article in real time to improve further.


The report tab contains detailed stats on search functionality like searched keywords, counts, failed queries and resolution status. Similarly article performance provides insights on article page-views and corresponding ratings.

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