What is Autosuggest Feature in Frontman’s Story-builder Section?

Now with less user inputs, you can get more outputs

“Autosuggest function” brings ease to your customers while they inquire, as it recommends relevant autofill options when they type. In addition, you can ask a question and in response provide multiple thoughtful answers. Users can select single or multiple replies. With this, a chatbot interface can be simplified interactively for your website visitors.

Key Points:

  1. Placeholder
  2. Choose method
    • Upload text or CSV file
    • Webhook
      • Enter URL
      • Enter parameters
  3. Save as attribute
  4. Process reply by Instinct AI
  5. Allow multiple selections

Placeholder: Through this menu, you can ask your visitors to pick single/multiple selections from the list of given choices. This command will be shown in the reply section on the chat screen.

Placeholder message “Choose one from the list”

Upload text or CSV file: For auto-suggest, embed single or multiple choices into the chat screen by uploading a text or CSV file of the same.

Upload the txt or CSV file of “Choices” here
When multiple options are turned off, users can only pick a single option

Webhook: Upload the link of the list created in your server and call a specific section of the list by filtering it using parameters.

Save as attribute: User input will get saved in the form of an attribute (an element that takes value). You can recall the selected choices by calling a particular attribute, whenever required during a conversation.

Save users query in the form of “Choice attribute”

Process reply by Instinct AI: After a user selects an option from the provided list, you can choose to process it through the “Instinct AI” to start a pre-defined conversational flow with the visitor.

“Turn it on” to process the user replies through Instinct AI.

Allow multiple selections: Customize the multiple selections based on the query. Moreover, if you want to accept more than one input from the users then just turn on the “Allow multiple selections”

“Turn it on” to allow multiple selections

Now, users can pick one or more options

Use case:

This feature is useful to tailor smart conversations with website visitors, or can use to analyze the inputs from them. You can interpret the inputs of the visitors to understand “What they are ignoring more often” and “What they are liking the most”.

Autosuggest features can be helpful in:

  • Tailor fast conversations: Start quick and navigational conversations with the users. Through this, you get the best result from fewer inputs.
  • Get users’ feedback: Now, you can get feedback during the beginning/mid/end of a conversation, leaving behind the concept of “Forms”. It can be helpful to understand how customers perceive your products and services, and how to improve them.
  • Place an order: Now visitors can pick and place their order directly from the chat window. For instance, Allow multiple selections menu can be useful for “Food, and diagnostic center websites”. A customer can pick one or more than one items to complete the query in just-a-go.


In the “Auto suggest ” card, you can choose to turn on/off “Instinct AI” feature. When turned on, the conversational flow will redirect/take inputs from “Instinct AI”.

-Autosuggest card” can only be placed after a text or image card

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