What is the Story Builder and How to Use it to Make a Conversational Chatbot?

Story builder is your creative hub for building interesting and compelling conversational flows, where cards can help you accomplish a specific task that you want your user to complete. Story builder is based on LEGO architecture which provides complete freedom to stack “Cards” in any fashion to design simple to complex conversational flows. There are basically 2 types of cards –

Display Cards

There are a number of rich display cards in the top section that can help you to communicate with your visitors in a visually interesting way.

  1. Bot Says
  2. Image/Gif
  3. Carousal
  4. Quick Reply
  5. Phraser Card
  6. Audio
  7. Video
  8. Multiple Choice
  9. Range Slider
  10. Rating
  11. Date & time picker
  12. Auto suggest

Details on Display Cards are available here

Utility Cards

Utility helps you define the course of conversational flow based on some business logic, availability of attributes. Export/import of data via Email, SMS or JSON API. Furthermore, goal tracking and A/B testing within the conversational flow

  1. Go-to
  2. Setup user attribute
  3. Send Email
  4. Send SMS
  6. RUN-IF card
  7. Typing delay
  9. Goal tracker
  10. A/B splitter
  11. Custom script

Details on Utility cards are available here

Adding cards is super simple – just drag and drop. You can also double click on the card to add them


To make multi-turn conversations possible, story builder includes story & block on the left side of the panel.

Story – are like individual pages on a website

Block – are like content sections on the page.

Stories & Blocks are not visible to the users, but help you organize the structure.

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