Introduction to Setup User Attribute Card

Use ‘Setup User attribute’ card to match the success of a campaign. Just place it at the starting, mid, or endpoint of conversational flow. And, when a visitor will go through all the tasks, then it’ll be marked as the completion of the task.

Place Setup User Attribute card to get detailed insights of how your website visitors are interacting with Frontman. The same task can be done via the Goal Tracker card. But with the Setup User attribute card, you can get extensive information about the visitor actions while communicating with Frontman. By calling the saved attribute via JSON API, SMS or Email card, you can send the campaign success details to the concerned teams in real-time.

  • Attribute name: You can select a pre-defined attribute or create a new one to save the value.
  • Set value: Define a specific value in this block, when this card will get played then the value will get saved into the corresponding attribute. To clear a saved value type none in this section.

Note: Click on the + button to add more attributes.

When to Use Setup User Attribute Card?

It’s highly recommended to use this card when you have to mark the completion of a task and send it to the analytical team. So, you can understand how many visitors are moving toward the transactional phase. And, also it can help in understanding how to enhance the lead generation rate by analyzing the data.

Example of Setup User Attribute card:

Below, you can see that car lead generation tasks have been categorised into five steps. Each task has been assigned with a particular value, and the defined value will be stored into the attribute after completion of specific tasks.

You can send the generated lead data to the sales and analytical team in real-time using the Email or SMS card.

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