Instinct AI – Handling User Queries

Instinct AI is an intelligent service to process & train user queries. It helps businesses to answer queries or perform specific actions based on user utterances.

A very useful thing that you can do with the Instinct AI is to make it understand the messages  “hi” and “hello”. You might want your chatbot to answer in the same fashion to the user or check some attributes and give an answer depending on previous actions.

Any other type of small talk will definitely make your bot seem livelier.

Second useful thing you can do with the Instinct AI is to make it understand typical questions like “What is chatbot?” or “Can you explain how to make a chatbot?” and redirect users to the define chatbot block of your Frontman immediately, providing them information on how to create a chatbot for your business.

How to train continuously your Frontman to answer previously unseen user queries?

Whenever user query is failed and results in triggering default block, the query starts appearing in the right-hand side of the Instinct AI screen. Businesses can easily train frontman against any such unhandled query by adding a textual reply or by setting up a specific block to trigger off when it encounters the same query next time.

Dialogue Set

You can create multiple dialogue sets to handle different types of user utterances like one for greeting and another one for navigation and so on.

Each dialogue set can hold multiple dialogues where each dialogue consists of two parts 1) User says to bot & 2) Bot says to the user

User says to bot — Mention things that user can ask or query about during the conversation.

Bot says to user — Mention response for a corresponding user query. Providing more than one response for a query leads to a random selection of response from all possible responses. Apart from the textual response, one can also select block/s to trigger specific flow. Blocks can be run sequentially or randomly to build more dynamic flows.

Keep adding dialogues to add flow to the conversation.