What’s the Clone Feature in Frontman’s Dashboard?

Make a copy of an instance, card, template, or archieved instance by clicking on the “Clone button”

Clone a Card: When you clone a card then an identical card will create next to it. This can be useful in repeating the same conversational flows.

Click clone to make a copy of the card

Clone Instances: In order to partially change the conversational flow for a separate chat. You should create the duplicate of an instance, simply click on the clone button and copied instance will appear.

Note: If you delete an instance, then it’ll be moved into the archives section.

Clone Templates: Here pre-build instances appear. If you want to use a template, click clone to move a copy of it into the instances section.

Clone Archives: In the “Archive” section the deleted instances appear. To recover an archived instance, click on the clone button and the instance will move back into the instances section.


Archived instances will auto-delete after 30days.

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