What is Makerobos Affiliation Program (M.A.P)?

“Sharing is caring”, right? So, let’s share the next-gen conversational sales and marketing chatbot, and help businesses achieve their true vision.

Refer Frontman and get up to 15% of the sales value.


Not many businesses offer mutual growth to their partners, but this isn’t how a business should work. We are a firm believer of “Network” and that’s why our sole philosophy is to “Share the value” with our clients so that they can grow as a long-lasting business companion.

M.A.P is the perfect way to tailor and bridge constructive connections. So if you have tried and tested the Frontman on your business website, and is happy with its feature-packed performance. Then you should also pass your experience along. And, let other businesses feel the thrill too.

How M.A.P Works?

Makerobos Affiliation Program is a refer-based service that is built to help-share-and -earn. By referring Frontman to one of your clients, you will be liable to get up to 15% of the sales value. Below are the few steps that you should consider while working as our affiliate partner.


1. Promote Frontman on your website, blogs, emails and social media pages.
Note: In the beginning, if your client subscribes to our “Free forever plan”, but later upgrades it to a specific “Individual”, “Business”, or ” Enterprise” plan. Then, It’ll be marked as a sale from your account.

2. Share the client details with us. And, we’ll verify it with system database.
 Note:  Notify us, if you refer Frontman to a client and he sign-up for a particular plan.

3. We imitate the real-time action taking capabilities of Frontman. That’s why we believe in sharing the value when the action happens.

Note: As our affiliate partner, you will not have to chase any monthly or annually target.

Contact us, and Join Now:

For any kind of query or support regarding Makerobos Affiliation Program (M.A.P), you can get in touch with our sales team.

Contact us on, contact@makerobos.com and submit your query, along with your business details. We’ll connect with you shortly.

M.A.P is build to automate the businesses relationship with their customers so that they can tap the untapped potential.

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