What’s Goal tracker Feature in Frontman’s Story Builder Utilities Section”?

Create and track campaigns right from the dashboard. Watch the action in real-time whenever visitors reach the marked value of the completion rate.

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Goal tracker is the ultimate solution that can help you to create customized campaigns right from the dashboard>analytics section. You can name a campaign and set the completion value as well.

To make it more clear, suppose, you want the visitors to “Enter their Name, Contact info”, “Click on a product link”, “Subscribe to the product’s newsletter”, and “Register for a product demo”.

In this case, you can mark the “Name and contact” step as 20% of the goal, then “Click on a product link” as 10% of the goal, then “Subscribe to newsletter” as 30% of the goal, then “Registration” process as 40% of the goal value.

Visit Dashboard>Analytics>Goal tracker. And, select a campaign to know how many visitors have completed it.

How to Place Goal Tracker Cards?

Below is the conversational flow used to know how much visitors have completed the task of booking a Test Drive and have left their feedback regarding the same. So that in case of bad feedback, at the time of dealership visit, customer-service can be provided in a better way. Here, goal tracker cards are placed after specific user-input cards, so that when visitors will submit their response then it’ll be marked as goal completion as per the defined value of 10%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% 100%.

goal tracker conversational flow

It can be placed in multiple ways depending on what goal you want to track! As, when you want to know how much people have engaged with the chatbot, then you should place it in the beginning. With this, whenever a user will start the conversation it’ll be marked as the completion of the goal.

Or, if you want to know how many visitors have submitted their details, then you should place it between the “User input” card and next card. As soon as any visitor will provide the chatbot with the details, the conversation will move forward to the next card. By marking the goal as completed.

How to Read Goal Tracker Analytics?

Here as per the above analytics of “Test Drive Campaign”, we can conclude that:

  • One user has completed the 10% of the marked flow and then left the conversation.
  • Three users have completed 20% of the marked flow and then left the conversation.
  • Three users have completed the 40% of the marked flow of conversation, then left the conversation.
  • No, users have left the conversation at the marked goal value of 60%.
  • Two users have completed 80% of the marked flow and then left the conversation.
  • Five users have completed every step and have marked every process.

What are the Use Cases of Goal Tracker?

Goal tracker card can be used for various purposes, such as:

  • In the case of multiple Goal Tracker cards, it can be used to track how much visitors have performed a specific task.
  • Moreover, it can also be used to understand why users are not proceeding ahead of a specific goal. And, what is hindering them. With this critical info, you can add flavour to the conversations, campaigns, representation of offers, etc.
  • Begin visitors website journey with goal tracker and analyze their interaction pattern. This can be helpful in strategising your next plan. So, that you can enhance customer engagement.
  • Track lead generation and analyze how many visitors have submitted their credentials out of the total visitors that interacted with the bot.


-Goal tracker feature is available in all the plans of Frontman, starting from free forever plan.

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