What is the A/B split test Feature in Frontman’s Story Builder Utilities-section?

Conversations are the key to win customers. With A/B split test, review the pre-defined conversational flows. And, analyze which one is working effectively for you.

What is the A/B Split Test?

A/B split test menu. Select the ratio of visitors and assign the blocks accordingly.

The basic function of Frontman is to converse with the website visitors. But, this function solely depends on its “Training“. And, without effective training, it can’t work like a superbot that knows the answer of all the customer queries. For instance, Frontman has “Instinct-AI” feature, and with this, it tells you at what queries it failed to understand and answer.

How does A/B Split Test work?

“A/B split test” feature lets you run two dialogue flows at the same time, among the different website visitors. You’ve to pick two conversational flows from “Story builder section”, enter their names respectively into two groups, namely “Group A” and “Group B”. And, with the help of “Split groups” you can decide the percentage of visitors that should be interacting with the defined flows respectively.


  • If trying a new dialogue flow, choose it to show to a minimum of 10% of the visitors and on the basis of the engagement report, act on it.
  • Keep trying new improved conversational flows to achieve the best results.

What are the Use Cases of A/B Testing:

  • To see which “Conversational line” is more engaging, and attracting customers towards your product or services.
  • Get users feedback, to improve the conversational flow.


  • Place A/B testing card at the end of the conversational flow, and don’t place any card after it.

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