What are the SMS and Email Cards?

Internal communication plays an important role in the building of an organization. But, with traditional tools, it gets difficult to maintain the seamless flow of information. As a result, businesses experience a high engagement and low conversion rate on their website due to passive communication.

SMS and Email cards are here to serve businesses with real-time information. With the real-time flow of information, businesses can act actively in acquiring more prospects throughout the day. Using these cards, you can send lead details, order details, meeting details, etc. to the concerned team in less than a second.

What are the SMS and Email Cards? How to Use Them?

SMS card:

This card can be used to send specific details to the concerned team via SMS. All you have to do is include the necessary details. Such as, if you want to send lead generation details then you can include attributes like, {{User_name}}, {{Email}}, {{Product_choice}}, {{Geolocation}},etc.

Note: You can send a maximum of 130 characters long text message, refer your plan to know more about the available SMS credit limits.

Email card:

Just like the SMS card, the email card is also used to send details to the concerned team. You need to enter the email ids of the concerned members or team, subject of the mail, and at last the details you want to send. You should include information in the form of attributes.

Note: You can send a maximum of 400 characters, refer your plan to know more about the available Email credit limits.

How to Use SMS and Email Cards?

These cards are the real-time player. By utilizing them, you can enable real-time business notifications. Just place the SMS/Email card at the end of the bot conversation and enter the necessary details and attributes, that you want to forward to the concerned team.

How SMS and Email Cards Can Help Businesses?

With traditional tools of communication, businesses often face a lack of real-time connection with their website visitors. However, by utilizing these cards you can enable better communication with prospects.

Enhance customer support:

Acting quickly and smartly on the customer queries is the key to win their hearts. With these cards, you can send the user queries to the support team at lighting fast speed.

Pursue sales goals in real-time:

Generate leads and send the details to the sales team instantly. When you connect with the interested buyers as they finish communicating their details via chatbot, then it increases the chances of the sale by 80X.

Communicate better with the product & marking teams:

Send the specific details to the product and marketing team by calling particular attributes. So, they can build a better marketing campaign as per customers location, buying pattern, product choice, etc.

Real-time analytics:

These cards make it easier for the analytics team to work on real-time visitors interaction pattern, understanding their buying preferences, and how to pitch a product to the website visitors and progress them to the transactional phase.

With the help of SMS and Email card, you can share the important client information with the team in just a flash. The sole motto of these cards is to transfer the user details to the concerned team in real-time. By taking action on the user queries as they arise, businesses can win the trust of the customers, as well as can establish a long-term relationship with them.

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