How to Get Started with Frontman?

This guide will provide you with the step by step instructions to create Frontman for your business. Get ready to dive into the world of a powerful virtual assistant and automate customer support, marketing, and lead generation on your website.

How to Register?

Get in the signup window, and follow these steps to complete the registration:

  • Enter your email address which will be used later to verify your account. Set up a strong password with the combination of number, letters & caps.
  • Next, enter your monthly website traffic (based on unique visitors).
  • Define your role which best describes you professionally.
  • Finally, enter your full name and mobile number for the verification.
  • Check your email to confirm the email address used for the registration.

  • Click to verify your email address to enter the dashboard.


Once you’ve successfully registered, you will see this screen after login into dashboard

  • Select your plan, let’s suppose you selected an individual plan which is good for bloggers or single-page website owners to collect more leads &/or to automate response to most frequently asked questions by website visitors.
  • Next select one of the pre-designed template to get started quickly. These templates are also available on your dashboard in the template tab.

Note: We regularly add more & more templates to choose from.

  • Now give your Frontman a unique name like My Bot or Lucy etc. Enter website address where you want to publish your Frontman. Make sure it’s a valid web address and you have access to the website codebase to add the integration code
  • Awesome! we’re now one step behind making Frontman alive on the website. Copy the integration code or email it to the developer/web admin to integrate it.

Publishing Frontman

For demo purposes, we have created a dummy website on Duda – website builder platform (Register for the free account) to help you understand with the simplest way to integrate chatbot on your website.

  • Select conference template or any other template of your liking.
  • Next, go to settings > Header HTML and paste the integration code that you have copied earlier.
  • Save and republish your website

Congratulations! Your First Frontman Chatbot is live now


After you are done with installing and publishing Frontman on your website, style the Frontman your way.

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