How to Style My Chatbot?

Widget Position

Set widget position either on the left or right side on the bottom of your website.

Setup Avatar

Personify your Frontman to make it more appealing to your website visitors by selecting an avatar or by uploading yours.

Give Avatar A Catchy Name

Personify the conversation by calling your avatar with some short & catchy name.

Add ripple effect that will excite your website visitors, increase engagement and increase your conversions.

Setup Home Screen

Add Brand logo

Logo file formats are .png, .jpg, & .gif with max width 200 px and max height 40 px

Meet visitors with personalised greetings

You can greet returning customer or logged-in customers with their first name or last name as well as define a custom default value for odd cases.

It follows a simple syntax –

Hi {{first_name | default value}} 👋🏻


Hello {{last_name | default value}} 👋🏻

Background & Interaction Color

The background colour is used behind the top section including greeting, short description & brand logo

Interaction colour is used in the dialogue bubble to emphasize user interaction

Setup Chat Screen

The welcome block is the default start block, you can change this behaviour with the help of growth tools like dynamic linking or click to conversation button

By default, Frontman will start conversation automatically based on user behaviour. On setting it up to manual mode you can delay this event by 3 – 60 secs to completely disable it.

Frontman Application

Add applications to your home screen to make it rich and interactive. You can add one or more applications to your home screen and they will appear in the order you select.

Persistent Menu

The persistent menu allows an easy way to help website visitors to discover and access the core functionality of your frontman. Think of it as a navigation menu for your services available on the home screen

Broadcast message

Capture user attention with an important event announcement. Like webinar details, sharing white-paper, latest article or company news.

Get subscribers

Create a custom email sign-up form to make it easy for your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and grow your email list.

Awesome! Your Frontman is personalized now …

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