Display Cards – Are Building Blocks for the Conversational Flow

Display cards are the most basic building component of the Frontman. Here, in this section, a number of cards are available that can do anything from a simple text message, image, carousel, video or other card types which allow more advanced actions. Such as Date picker, Auto suggest, User input, Phraser card, and Quick reply.

Each card typically does one of the following:

  • sends some content to users
  • asks for input or action

Content includes text, images and other media or a gallery of items. Some of the cards are explained here.

Bot Says

People chatting with the chatbot can go from one block to another using buttons. You can link blocks to each other using buttons in text cards or gallery cards — or using Go-to utility card. This will create a flow of a conversation.

Similarly, you can use the button to open a webpage like youtube video under web-view or open a new tab. Further, the button can be used to handoff conversation to Whatsapp or Facebook messenger or even initialise a call on the mobile


It’s a multitasker card. Use it to send an image, image with text or include a button to perform some action.

In action


Carousel is an interactive format which allows you to display up to 9 images on “cards” with a headline, link or call to action within a single unit. Please note min 2 cards are required to make it work.

Enabling overlay will make your title, headline & link prominent from a display point of view

Quick Reply

By using quick reply, you’re pausing the conversation flow until the user chooses an option. User input can be saved as a user attribute that can be used later for logical branching of conversational flow or segmentation of users

Phraser Card

Phraser card help predicts diverse free-form responses from user and provide you a smarter way to take appropriate action based on user input. You can reply via text or run specific block depending on user utterance.


By using rating, you can improve customer satisfaction by asking visitors to rate your services or on anything that matters

In action