What is the Run-if Card in Frontman’s Story Builder Utilities section?

With the power of RUN-IF card, you can choose to run the next cards, if user input matches with the pre-defined condition.

Run-IF card menu

What is RUN-IF Card?

A RUN-IF card is a condition-based block that checks if user input is as per the defined condition. If the condition holds true, then the next cards will be played. Otherwise, the conversational flow will start after the selected cards.

Add condition:

Select the user/system attribute with which you want to match the “Set value” as per the condition. P.S: You can add multiple conditions.

And/Or operator:

If you want to match the user input with all the defined conditions then select And, or if you want to match the user input with a single condition then select Or.

Use of “Or” condition:

Here, “Or” condition is used to personalize the user’s feedback. If a user selects Okay, Good, or Awesome then RUN-IF card will play next card to display “Thanks for making my day”.

Use of “And” condition:

Here, using “And” condition, if a visitor visits your website more than one time then you can choose to display a unique message regarding your services/product.

Select cards to run:

As per the conversational flow, select the cards you want to run after the conditions match. You may choose to run one, two, and three cards at max.

When to Use RUN-IF Card?

“When the condition(s) hold true then run the below cards” is the single objective of RUN-IF card. And, when the condition(s) doesn’t hold true then it’ll automatically skip to the pre-defined conversation with the corresponding conversational flow.

  • When you have to filter out the customers from visitors without changing the conversational flow. It is best to use RUN-IF card.
  • Or, when you have to run a defined conversational flow for the customers then you can run Go-to card (below RUN-IF) to divert the conversation to a specific block.

Here, RUN-IF card is used to filter the user feedback and send a reply as per the input.


-Run-IF card can play upto next 3 cards at max.

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